Tuesday, August 17, 2010


SNITCHSEEKER have the following news;
A video has been released on Matt talking about his new project the sweet shop:

In other Matt News, they have a report regarding his discussion of Neville:
"While promoting the announcement of Harry Potter: the Exhibition's move to Seattle this fall [picture above], actor Matthew Lewis spoke about some of his favourite props and costumes featured in the museum exhibit earlier this week.
Matt was shown two of Neville Longbottom's signature costumes at the exhibit: his Gryffindor robes from the first film, Sorcerer's Stone, and his Muggle clothes from the final film, Deathly Hallows: Part II. Astonished at the size comparison of the two costumes, Matt said, "It’s hard to believe I was that small."

As an aside he also told reporters about how the kids in the film were not allowed to play contact sports during filming, and how even though he wasn’t playing a contact sport he managed to still sprain his ankle playing badminton as a result he couldn’t shoot for a week.

Lewis went on to say those traits of Neville were more in the earlier films and that Neville has grown to be more courageous and "has got this amazing loyalty and big heart" which are traits he likes to believe he possesses, but he said, "when push comes to shove I would probably run away."

Finally he said if there was one prop that he could keep from the exhibit he said he would want his uniform robe from the very first film.
Harry Potter: the Exhibition is currently in Ontario, Canada until September 6th; it will move to open in Seattle's Pacific Science Center on October 23, 2010 and run through January 30, 2011."

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