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SNITCHSEEKER have a massive 4 recent reports about the lovely redhead, including a post abut his 22nd birthday yesterday, a very happy belated birthday to you lovely Rupert! That's me on the far left btw...such a lovely bloke!
Back to buisness; Snitchaseeker have some new quotes and videos from the overwhelmingly lovely chap (if i didnt already have a wonderful redhead making me happy i'd be seriously lusting this boy).

Firstly; Rupert partook of many interviews while attending the V festival, and HERE IS JUST A TASTER OF THE INTERESTING QUOTES;
"I've tried to play a succession of instruments from the accordion and saxophone to the banjo and guitar. It would be cool to learn but I don't know. I don't think I can."
Know the feeling,bud.
Check out the various interviews at:


NEW VIDEOS appeared on the SS website, linked to the story below:

RUPERT, as previously reported, was to attend a Q&A fan event, and he turned up i fine form despite his bought of tonsilitis.
Here are some funfacts as taken down by the lovely EmmaRiddle who i iahve spoken to on various occasions;
"Dan Radcliffe did lots of pelvis movement while playing Ron in the seven Potters scene for Deathly Hallows!

Lots of people tried to ride Rupert at [V] festival last year because of the horse head. Going as a duck this year.

Mother Teresa, Dizzy Rascal, the Queen, Sid Vicious and Hestia - Rupert's five dinner guests!

Rupert would play Voldemort or Bella, if he had to play another HP character.

Rupert doesn't know anything more about 'Eddie the Eagle'. He's in the dark about where the project is going.

Rupert told me he had tonsillitis over the weekend while he was at the V Festival so he couldn't drink.

Rupert uses Herbal Essence shampoo.

Rupert reckons he would be a victoria sponge if he were a cake.

Rupert says he has a few possible projects for next year but nothing is confirmed yet.

Rupert would love to emulate Johnny Depp's career and says he isn't fussy when it comes to attractive female co-stars.

Rupert would love to return to Top Gear to try and take back his title as fastest lap driver.

Rupert came over all giggly when Emma Watson's face moved in for their kiss as Ron and Hermione.

Rupert would be interested in appearing on Doctor Who and is a fan of the David Tennant era.

Rupert said Dan can be annoying on set and that he, Dan, and Emma Watson used to squabble but it's like any normal family.

Rupert also got the giggles while filming Dumbledore's death for HBP.

Rupert reckons he isn't as cocky as Malachy, when it comes to chatting up girls and that on screen kissing is nothing like the real thing.

Rupert loved getting to know a new cast, going out in Belfast.

Rupert would shave his head for the right role.

Rupert's dream car was his ice-cream van. He owns miniature pigs which aren't so small anymore!

Rupert is protective of his sisters, particularly when it comes to boys and says one of them is a really good singer/songwriter.

Rupert was asked who his favourite ginger was. He said Conor, an actor who starred alongside him in Cherrybomb.

While filming Cherrybomb, members of the public mistook him for actually working at the Leisureplex where Malachy is employed.

Rupert has seen the first Harry Potter film in the cinema with his family but managed to remain unnoticed."

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