Monday, May 17, 2010


That's what he'd call his show if he had one,i'm not being offensive! hehe.

The lovely man was on Jonathan Ross' sofa last Friday. He spoke mostly about getting his first role in a Star Wars movie age 11 and his new book. Jonathan was very entuised about the horror series that he did , Leprecaun, but hp was briefly mentioned. Here are my initial quotes and comments on twitter that i posted while i was watching:
"it'll be graduating and going our seperate ways" warwick davis on ending Hp.
12:05 AM May 15th via txt

Warwick Davis is on Jonathan Ross tonite. Barely mentioned Potter. But said he'll miss it.
12:08 AM May 15th via txt

His kids luckily get to visit the set all the time!and all the actors sang happy bday to Anabel,his daughter.
12:19 AM May 15th via txt

"The Great hall is a bit like Dad's office. It doesnt excite [his son] anymore".
12:23 AM May 15th via txt

I also mentioned it to SNITCHSEEKER via twitter, but they never posted about it. I will upload a video if i come across it.

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