Saturday, May 22, 2010


Some lucky lady (Lauryn Duerr) got was around the Orlando area when various cast members were there visiting the new hp theme park(earlier post!) and witnessed some Kareoke from the lovely gentlemen mentioned above;
"Tonight I was at a karaoke bar in Universal Studios and all of a sudden one of the Phelps twins gets up on stage and starts to sing! My friend and I FREAKED out. THEN Matthew Lewis and the other twin got up on stage and sang another song! When they were done, they walked less than a foot away from me and I high fived one of the twins. It was an epic win. I have pictures.."

No videos i'm afraid, but some random pictures from Facebook!

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Lauryn Duerr said...

So my friend had told me to google my name today, and this came up. I know I'm late but I hope that's cool. :)

Here are some videos of them performing-


Lauryn Duerr

PS It was one of the most epic nights of my life! My friend and I are super HP nerds so we pretty much talked about that night for days afterwards and all of our other friends were jealous. Just a couple weeks later too, we saw more HP stars at the Grand Opening of HP Land at Universal! Another friend who works there actually got to buckle them into one of the roller coasters. He said Daniel Radcliffe is really short in real life and also was super excited and running around the park saying, "this is awesome!" I can't wait for the final film!!! Have a super night!!