Tuesday, April 27, 2010

leakynews has a new feature-leaky tv!

Leakynews have announced a very new feature; LEAKYTV. This is something i thought of doing, but never had the guts!
"A project in the works for the past five years, LeakyTV will offer rundowns Monday to Friday of the very latest news in the Harry Potter world, as well as providing you with information about the happenings around the cauldron, including contests announcements, new Leaky Lounge features and additions to our galleries. LeakyTV will be presented on Mondays by John Noe, Tuesdays by Melissa Anelli, Wednesdays by Rosi Halse, Thursdays by Edward Drogos and on Fridays by Frankie 'Frak' Franco. Surprise special guests will also be seen on the channel from time to time."

CHECK IT OUT AT: http://www.youtube.com/user/pottercast

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