Monday, April 19, 2010


Just discovered this cool feature LEAKYCAULDRON.ORG have going called "Actors in the News".
First is Bonnie:
"The Daily Mail reports that Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) is rumoured to have been cast in short film "Sweat" as a "beautiful woman dating an immature young man." "Sweat"'s script was written by Alexandra Billington, is set in London and will be one of five short films to comprise the 2010 international feature "Geography of the Hapless Heart." The Daily Mail alleges, "Bonnie has read the script by Alexandra Billington and has told the writer and producer Peter Ogunsalu that she's ready for cameras to roll late November, although she hasn't officially signed on the dotted line yet." Find out more about "Geography of the Hapless Heart" on the feature's official website."

The other thing of note is EMPIRE ONLINE'S VIDEO of a Rupert interview.Although i think it may be up laready frm ss.
Should have came across this before, but hotmail has been playing up.

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