Monday, April 19, 2010

CHERRYBOMB SCREENING IN LONDON-PICTURES COMING IN. Ruper talks DH and more promoting the film.

19TH APRIL 2010 21:55 are reporting today that a screening of Rupert's new flick (which is awesome!) Cherrybomb happened "from 7pm onwards at the swanky new private member's club of Beaufort House (full address: 354 Kings Road; London; SW3 5UZ)."
Pictures are starting to emerge of the stars of the movie (including Rup and Robert Sheehan) and Rupert's hp co-stars and brother James and Oliver Phelps. Wow! I forgot how small he is in comparison!

According to Snitchseeker, Rupert was on BBC RADIO recently promoting the above mentioned film.
Here is an excerpt detailing DEATHLY HALLOWS and the decay of the Wizarding World following the Voldemort take-over:
BBC: Deathly Hallows … it’s the book that’s the hardest to envisage becoming a film … ‘cause you’re not at school anymore and you’re hunting the horcruxes.
Rupert: The whole structure of it is completely different. In the past films it’s always been Harry’s house, the Dursleys’, the kids on the train, the cat … but that’s all out the window now ‘cause we’ve left school. We’re on the run. We’re camping out in random forests and such.

BBC: It must be nice for you to get to explore your character a little bit more. The last book is quite hardcore.
Rupert: Yeah, even Hedwig, which I though was quite unnecessary. For Ron’s character there’s a lot of paranoia. There’s a lot going on, he loses his brother. It’s a war, really. It’s a war film. It’s quite intense.

BBC: Wild Target, is it that yet? When did you film that?
Rupert: No, it’s out in June. That was right after Cherrybomb.

BBC: The story there is an old hit man takes you on?
Rupert: It’s quite a complicated story. It was a remake. It’s basically about Bill Nighy plays this hitman who’s on the verge of retirement. He takes out this contract to kill Emily Blunt but he can’t do it. He falls in love with her. I witness this big shoot out in a car park. He’s gonna kill me, but then he decides to take me as his apprentice. We form this weird, dysfunctional family and we hide out in a house.

BBC: Did you film it in the Isle of Man or is it set in the Isle of Man?
Rupert: No, we filmed it in the Isle of Man. It was a bit in London, a bit in the Isle of Man.

BBC: You’ve got some great actors, don’t you? Bill Nighy’s just extraordinary, isn’t he?
Rupert: He’s amazing. He’s very funny. He’s also in the next Harry Potter film as well … the Minister of Magic.
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