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DATE:22ND JAN 09 23:25
"Twilight will be released on DVD on March 21, Summit Entertainment has announced. The DVD will include five extended scenes, five deleted scenes, audio commentary from director Catherine Hardwicke and stars Pattinson and Stewart; as well as a seven-part documentary. Production on the sequel, New Moon, begins in March as well. "
"The BBC has announced a raft of celebrities from the worlds of showbiz and sport who have been enlisted to create their own designer dinner plates for a special auction in aid of its annual appeal, Mission Nutrition. Top names including Emma Watson and Andy Serkis have all contributed to the auction."-

On top of my photos that i took yesterday of the JAPANESE HBP TRAILER SCREENCAPS,i have added a few clearer ones from SNITCHSEEKER.-

pottermania japanese trailer s...

pottermania japanese trailer s...
pottermania japanese trailer s...
pottermania japanese trailer s...
pottermania japanese trailer s...
pottermania japanese trailer s...
pottermania japanese trailer s...

pottermania japanese screencap...
pottermania japanese screencap...
pottermania japanese screencap...
pottermania japanese trailer s...
normal_003_4thTra iler001.jpg
normal_003_4thTra iler012.jpg
normal_003_4thTra iler045.jpg
003_4thTrailer047 _1.jpg
003_4thTrailer043 _1.jpg
003_4thTrailer002 .jpg
003_4thTrailer043 _12.jpg
003_4thTrailer024 .jpg
003_4thTrailer047 _2.jpg

UPDATE 2:SNITHSEEKER havbe the transcript of the trailer audio which is hard to hear,the best of times:
"INTRODUCTION:Dan Radcliffe: Hello everyone in Japan. Konichiwa, Daniel Radcliffe des. I'd like to show you some new footage from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I think it's going to be great so don't miss it.
DIALOGUE EXCERPTS FROM FOOTAGE:Dumbledore: Take my arm. (Dumbledore and Harry apparate) That was fun. Most people vomit the first time.----------Dumbledore: I'd like you to meet Professor Horace Slughorn.----------Slughorn: (raises glass) A toast to Hogwarts' brightest and best.----------Snape: (standing with McGonagall) How grand it must be to be the chosen one.----------Hermione: (in library with Harry) She's only interested in you because she thinks you're the chosen one.Harry: But I am the chosen one. Kidding. Sorry.----------Harry: You didn't bring Professor Slughorn back simply to teach Potions, did you Sir?Dumbledore: No, I did not. I wan't you to get his true memory. Without it, we leave the fate of our world to chance.----------Harry: (to Slughorn) Professor, you knew Voldemort. You were his teacher. What was he like?Slughorn: Dumbledore put you up to this, didn't he?----------Hermione: (to Harry) Do you honestly expect you can just walk up and ask him to reveal his deepest, darkest secret?----------Dumbledore: (to Harry) You must be wondering why I brought you here.Harry: Actually, Sir, after all these years, I just sort of go with it.Dumbledore: Once again, I must ask too much of you, Harry.----------Arthur Weasley: Times like these, dark times, they do funny things to people. They can tear them apart.----------Dumbledore: You're the chosen one, Harry. You must not fail. "

As i told you yesterday VERNE TROYER WHO PORTRAYS GRIPHOOK,is on the UK REALITY TV PROGRAMME CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER.It has come to my attention that he is now in the final 3.The final will take place later today,the 23rd January on CHANNEL 4!UPDATE 2:VERNE CAME 4TH EARLIER TODAY!CONGRATS!

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EMMA according to SNITCHSEEKER has updated her site regarding DEATHLY HALLOWS and JK ROWLING has been discussing other names for the seventh book in the series.

"JKR: I don't know who cooked [Seabottom] up, that would have been a lawyer somewhere.There was a lot of speculation - that Seabottom is this company [unintelligible] does video games now...?JKR: No.It was you guys?JKR: It was just - we had to find a way to [keep some confusion out there] and it worked. I don't even think there was just one company doing it, I think we had several fronts putting up titles. [One of them was called "Stone Connect." It seems were others as well.]Just to shroud it, confuse the issue?JKR: Yeah. As soon we knew it was going to go up on the site, we just needed to keep a little bit of confusion going for those last few hours before we got it out there.One of them was the Hallows of Hogwarts.JKR: Yeah, well, all those titles were mine.You just sent a list -JKR: Yeah, I sent them a list of plausible titles, including the real one. Hallows of Hogwarts for years was going to be the title of the seventh, and it was wrong, just wrong.They aren't all of Hogwarts.JKR: Exactly. It changed completely, so Deathly Hallows was definitely the right way to go. I like the title of Deathly Hallows.Some people said it was you getting back at people who criticize your use of adverbs.JKR: [laughs] Yeah, about 12 adverbs in the final title. I love an adverb. "
-as part of an interview with writer of HARRY:A HISTORY, Melissa Anneli-
(note to self,get reading that book!)

EMMA also mentioned DEATHLY HALLOWS in her latest post:"Hello Hello!! Happy 2009! I just got back from a trip to Cuba! Which was fascinating. Wow, they can dance over there!! I don't think I have ever felt so inadequate on a dance floor! Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I am sitting my SATs on Saturday so that I can apply to some American Universities, which is a little nerve racking. My Maths is VERY dodgy seeing as I have done nothing since my GCSE when I was 16!! On Monday I go in for test shoots for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1). I am quite excited to be back actually, I don't think I have seen Dan since the summer since he left for NY and Rupert since the Autumn. I think I have a couple of costume fittings and a hair appointment to make my hair a bit browner. Not sure whether we have a couple of rehearsals as well. Excited to see if they have cast anyone yet... Anyway, hope wherever you are, post Christmas blues aren't getting you down... its bloody cold in London! Em x "

IT'S TRUE.ITALY IS GETTING HALF-BLOOD PRINCE BEFORE THE UK AND AMERICA.2 DAYS BEFORE.ON THE 16TH JULY 09.Although,have a little mercy;the UK AND THE US get the biggest premieres every year.

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ACCORDING TO DR.COM,DAN and co raised lots and lots of cash for the AIDS CHARITY BC/EFA in the GYPSY OF THE YEAR contest:"Backed by a fundraising team that wouldn’t take “neigh” for an answer, Equus made history this fall, generating $203,746 during the six-week Gypsy of the Year fundraising period, the most raised by a non-musical Broadway play in the history of BC/EFA fundraising.“Of course, having Daniel, Richard Griffiths (Tony winner for The History Boys) and Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek: Voyager’s Captain Janeway) created unique marketing opportunities,” said Equus stage manager and fundraising coordinator Brian Rardin."

SNITCHSEEKER ARE REPORTING THE FOLLOWING ABOUT CHERRYBOMB:"Dates are set for the premiere screening of Rupert Grint's latest film, Cherrybomb, at the Berlinale film festival in Berlin, Germany. There will be three showings: Sunday, Feb. 8, Monday, Feb. 9 and Sunday, Feb. 15. The film has a running time of 82 minutes."
Tickets go on sale online on the 2nd of February,where i don't know,but i'll let you know when i do.As of yet,there is unfotunately no news of GENERAL RELEASE!!

On the CHERRYBOMB front, SNITCHSEEKER are reporting that it's screenwriter, Daragh Carville spoke about RUPERT AND HIS CHARACTER IN THE FLICK MALACHY:"What can you tell us about Malachy's personality?Malachy's a very sharp, very smart kid. When we first meet him he's doing a crappy summer job in the local leisure centre but he's doing it for very practical reasons - to earn money to go out with his mates - and he's obviously not going to be stuck there forever. He does well at school - I imagine he's one of those guys who claims he never studies but then ends up doing brilliantly at exam time. He's got his whole future ahead of him, as people keep telling him, much to his annoyance. So he's got his head stuck on. But at the same time, there's a wilder side to him and that's what comes out when he's with Luke. And there's a competitive edge to that relationship. Though Malachy comes from a stable, warm family background - unlike Luke - he doesn't want to be seen as the sensible, well-behaved one. He's keen to show that he can be every bit as mad as Luke. And all of that comes to a head when they meet Michelle.The film obviously centres around the breakdown of Luke and Malachy's friendship as they fight for the affections of Michelle, leading to "a deadly end". How did the concept for the film come about?It was always a teen movie about the competition between two guys for one girl. Initially there was an idea that the competition would revolve around the idea of 'sin' - Malachy and Luke would try and outsin one another! But it quickly became clear that the language of sin, that kind of religious language that was drummed into me when I was growing up in Ireland, didn't really mean anything to kids of the age of Malachy and Luke - the fifteen/sixteen year olds of today. So that idea was parked. But by that stage the characters themselves had taken over really, which is what you always hope for as a writer, so I just had to pay attention to them and let them kind of dictate their own story. And then when the directors, Lisa and Glenn, came on board, they brought a whole new set of ideas to the table, to do with the changing nature of the city, the leisure centre setting and so on, and their own kind of energy, so that all fed into the thing as well. It's a very organic process, writing a film.Did Rupert portray Malachy exactly as you'd imagined and/or hoped? What do you feel he brought to the role?The great thing about working with really good actors is that they take the character on and make it their own, to the extent that, as a writer, you almost can't remember how you'd previously imagined the character. So now when I think of Malachy I just think of Rupert. He really has made him his own. He's just such a fine film actor. The years of experience he's had of working on the Potter films - I mean, he's an old hand now, he's a film veteran! - that stuff really tells. He knows just how much and how little to do - there are wonderful moments of stillness in his performance in Cherrybomb, for all the wildness and energy of the world around him. He's very subtle and expressive. I just love his performance and I can't wait to see what he's going to do in the future. he's clearly in it for the long haul. I'd love to work with him again. "

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ACED MAG have an interview with Dan's love interest in EQQUS,and here it is:"Anna Camp and I must be psychically linked. This is the best explanation for the fact that, during our interview, she keeps bringing up the points I intend to make before I have the chance to do so. Her job, however, has nothing to do with this apparent sixth sense of hers: Camp stars alongside Daniel Radcliffe as Jill, the love interest of Alan Strang (Radcliffe), in the current Broadway production of Equus. But although the play revolves around Alan and his psychiatrist, Dr. Martin Dysart (Richard Griffiths), Jill is by no means a throwaway character. "I’m the character that triggers the horrible event that happens in the story, which is why the play exists, you know? I am the catalyst in this exciting and pivotal scene, and it’s incredibly challenging for lots of reasons,” says Camp, referencing a scene toward the end of the play, the events of which we learn at the very beginning. The reason Alan is seeing a psychiatrist is because he has blinded six horses with an ice pick for no apparent reason, although throughout the course of the show we learn that there was a reason and that it has very much to do with Jill. "She just wants to share something with him, you know, to share something beautiful, because she sees there’s so much darkness and repression in his life," says Camp of Jill and her attitude toward Alan. "If only he had opened up, he maybe wouldn’t have gone at the horses' eyes. He would have laughed it off and learned to talk through it with Jill." But the structure of the play is such that, although we hear from every other character after the incident has occurred, we never follow up with Jill, which makes her perhaps the most mysterious character of the entire piece. "There’s now, where Dysart is talking to the audience and telling the story, and everything beyond that is a memory," says Camp of the different levels in the play, "and all my scenes are in Alan’s memory." This leaves plenty of room for speculation as to what Jill’s reaction must have been upon learning about the incident, and Camp is eager to speculate: "She must have had a nervous breakdown. She runs out being attacked and in the most vulnerable state a person could be in, and she’s alone out there in the country, and she hears the next morning that he blinded all her horses! She doesn’t realize how deep-rooted his fascination is with them, so she feels incredible guilt." Alan’s issues run deeper, however, so much so that Dysart does not even learn about Jill’s existence until close to the end. "I guess he never really finds out until the end that she was the catalyst. [Alan] doesn’t even want to talk about her, and it takes so long for Dysart to get him. It takes the fake truth drug to get him to open up and talk about her because he doesn’t want to go there, for so many reasons." Despite the amount of attention the play gives to psychiatry, however, that is not the main focus of the play. "A lot of the reviews of the play say that it’s dated and that the psychiatry of it all is dated, but, when you look at the huge issues of it, it’s about passion and whether or not it’s wrong to feel the way you feel." In the case of Equus, the passion in question is that which Alan has for horses, and the very last scene in the play has Dysart "questioning whether or not it’s bad to feel so deeply about something just because society says it’s wrong, and what trauma that could cause a person, not being able to express fully and feel fully something that they truly believe in. And Alan wasn’t trying to hurt anyone or do anything, but the way society looks at his fascination and love, it’s turned into such a dark thing." When it all comes down to it, "there are some things about psychology [that are dated], but the huge issues of the play are incredibly relevant." Equus is playing on Broadway through February 8th. Visit to learn more about the production and get your tickets before this show retires back to the stables whence it came. "

We know you guys like to talk Dan,so why not do it on DR.COM'S FORUM,available at:

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DATE:22ND JAN 09 00:07
MY EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER! SO I'M BACK GUYS!In my days away it came to my attention that goblin portrayer(and mimi-mi) Verne Troyer is in Britain's CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER and he's a favourite to win!Maybe it's over already,i don't watch it, but i will update you on this story shortly.I,AS MANY OF YOU PROBABLY WERE,was watching CHANGE HAPPEN IN OUR LIFETIME the other day,i.e. the PRESIDENT OF AMERICA'S(LOVE WRITING THAT!) INAUGURATION,and i coludn't help but notice that our favourtie composer,JOHN WILLIAMS,had a piece of his called "Air and Simple Gifts" played in between JOE BIDEN and BARACK OBAMA's pledges!!Yay for that!!I will also have a scan of a newish interview with on other than ROB PATTINSON up soon.STAY TUNED!BTW did you guys know he had a song on the TWILIGHT soundtrack??I heard ages ago,but forgot to look it up!!i will put it on the flash if i'm successful in finding it!!Also,the 2nd QUOTE OF THE WEEK will be his!!

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DATE:18TH DEC 09 01:23
SS are reporting that Rupert spoke about what it will be like kissing Emma in the upcoming DEATHLY HALLOWS,among other things, in a new interview:""As I've known Emma for so long, I reckon it will be 10 times worse," says the 20-year-old actor, who plays Ron Weasley."I really love the seventh book, but there is no way it will be tame with the Hermione stuff."The kiss, which is due to be filmed next month, should have been a walk in the park for Grint after his graphic performance opposite Kimberley Nixon, a 23-year-old Welsh actress, in the forthcoming film Cherrybomb. The actor compares them with the nude scenes that Daniel Radcliffe is currently performing on stage in New York."I don't think it's quite up there with Dan's Equus, but it was quite a surreal experience, especially as we were sharing the bed with half a dozen camera crew," he says. "But, yeah, I was quite nervous, I think we both were."It was a new thing for the two of us – though, weirdly, I remember Kim and I doing a crossword in between takes. That definitely took our minds off the deed."He now hopes that Emma, 18, who plays the brainy Hermione Granger, will be similarly distracted. "I'll have a stack of crosswords at the ready," he says. " -

THE SCOTSMAN is reporting that JO may have got an invite to the president elect's inaguration party:"J.K. Rowling is expected to receive an invited to President-elect Barack Obama's star-studded inauguration gala, it has been reported. Obama revealed that he reads Edinburgh-based Rowling's tales to his daughters, and both girls are said to be huge fans of the series."Since Mr Obama mentioned Harry in one of his speeches,i woludn't be surprised-
"Scientists close in on real invisibility cloak They can't match Harry Potter yet, but scientists are moving closer to creating a real cloak of invisibility. Researchers at Duke University, who developed a material that can "cloak" an item from detection by microwaves, report that they have expanded the number of wavelengths they can block. " -

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