Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tom Felton: From the Rough and Belle Listings, New Clips including In Secret, Vancouver and Calgary Fan Events

It seemed for a long time Tom Felton was working but nothing was being released. Now everything is coming out together - at least in the US.
From the Rough is currently in cinemas (check local listings here) and Belle is doing the premiere circuit (NYC most recently but without Tom due to Timber's illness) so will be in cinemas soon. For US listings go here. Advertising is up around the world for Belle so it shouldn't be too long!

Promo for both films is in full swing also, with featurettes and clips emerging recently. Firstly the From the Rough website posted some new videos. Check them out here.
In other clips, some Belle footage has also been revealed.
View the new clip and a featurette below:

Snitchseeker have reviewed the film and this can be read here.
Before Timber fell ill (our prayers and love go out to Tom) Mr Felton attended some fan conventions, in Vancouver and Calgary.
We will be uploading pics and videos from both events so stay tuned!

We no have images and videos from Calgary and Vancouver expo, thanks to Feltbeats.
Images in our new gallery and videos  from Calgary courtesy of fans on Instagram here, here  here and here.
From Vancouver:

Also a new In Secret clip can be viewed here on Total Film or below:

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