Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tom Felton: Murder in the First Trailer/Release Date, Vancouver Con, GQ Preview,More Essential Homme

In exciting Tom Felton news, that crime show we've all been hearing and seeing set pics from starring the very talented and bubbly DUDE has finally got a trailer. Have I said how excited this makes me!? Check it out below and look out for it US peeps on TNT this coming June 9th as that is when it starts!

We previously wrote about Tom's interview in Essential Homme Magazine and more questions have now been released. Here are some quotes...and notice in the the first few, no mention of Jade!
ERK: Correct me if I’m being presumptuous, but perusing your Instagram, I would picture your perfect day to include your dog, Timber, a few rounds of golf, and… give me a third thing.
TF: I noticed that recently. I was flicking through some of my lasts posts and it’s literally dogs and golf. I’ll try and mix it up for you, Evan, don’t worry.
ERK: Thank you.
TF: I love the outdoors, so probably a fire. I love to sit outside with a nice fire.
Remember we said hint of new music:
ERK: Might we get some new music in 2014?
TF: I’d like to think so. I’d like to think I’m always tinkering and working on stuff. It’s just a case of ‘if I get the time and the right place and the right people to record it.’
ERK: Who would be some of your dream artists to collaborate with?
TF: I’m not sure if I’m in the realm of collaborating with any of these people but I enjoyed the new John Mayer album, the new Jack Johnson album, [and] loved the new Eminem album. It’s quite a varied group there. I’m not sure what the four of us would sound like if we dove forth with it…
ERK: You worked with acclaimed playwright Neil LaBute on his first TV venture, Full Circle, do you have any aspirations to do Broadway? Would you consider a musical?
TF: Yeah, definitely. It’s not in my immediate focus or drive, but that’s how I started, doing theatre, so it wouldn’t be something that felt too unnatural to me. I’d love to do [one] if it’s the right one.

In other interview stuff, Tom will feature in GQ Style Spring/Summer and has posted a funny preview!
For a video preview of the entire issue head here. Tom in at 0:08.

Finally in Felton news, Tom is set for the Vancouver Fan Con later this year:
Fan Expo Vancouver will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre, April 18-20. A schedule of events will be posted on their website next month, however tickets are already available for purchase!

Tom also recently spoke to Vantage and this interview can be read in full here. Just click over to page 20!

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