Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bonnie Wright: Talks 'After The Dark' and film Clip, Comments on Rowling Comments, Supporting Oxfam

Bonnie @Bafta InStyle
Brit Talent Party
It's been too long since I did a good long update on Bonnie Wright and a few things need posting in awhile.
A new After the Dark clip emerged some time ago and this is now below. I am of course aware that a lot of you may have seen this movie already so a clip is of no benefit, however some countries have not been fortunate enough to get it yet and we at Danaholics are nothing if not understanding of the multi-national nature of the Potterhead community. I for example only just received my DVD copy of the film having to purchase it from the US. Share your comments about the film under this post if you like, I'm sure I'll tweet my reactions!

Bonnie has also been talking about the movie and this video is now below:

Bonnie celebrating her
bday at London Fashion

In other Bonnie news, she has spoken out about J.K. Rowling's recent comments about Harry and Hermione. Although Jo has later gone on to say "Harry did love Ginny", Bonnie has said that Ginny would have been "fine" either way and I'm inclined to agree with her thoughts of her as a "tough cookie". Ginny was always a strong feisty female.

Finally, as we know from previous occasions, Bonnie is quite charitable and has been known to support Oxfam.
She has supported their Lift Lives for Good Campaign and a photo is here.
She also hosted a charity morning with her mum Shiela Teague "to support Oxfam's Mother Appeal...helping the organisation bring awareness and raising money for mothers around the world. The campaign, and money made from it, will help mothers and their families out of poverty, as well as become leaders, improve their education and even start their own businesses." Check out the video below:

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