Saturday, January 26, 2013

UPDATED: James Phelps to Star in 16+ Comedy Show This February

James Phelps announced on his twitter he was to star in a London show, mentioning Pleasance theatre, 'Woody' and comedy. After some Googling (and i admit I may have got the title of the play from the Phelpsaholics result), I found the full title to be The Boy Who Was Woody Allen. The show runs between 6th and the 9th of February and costs between £10 and £15. Book now here before tickets are gone, and please note the show is for 16 year olds and older.

Mugglenet are offering tickets and signed programs to MN fans!!!
In a very exclusive - and generous - offer to MuggleNet fans, one of the writer's of the play, David Simmons, is offering MuggleNet fans a two-for-one offer! Tickets can be purchased on the Pleasance Theater website, and to get your second ticket free, simply email David and tell him, "I'm a Muggle!" - you might want to also thank him!

MuggleNet will be attending opening night of the show and will be posting a review shortly after. Do you plan on attending? We can't wait!

UPDATE: In yet another way David plans to shock and awe MuggleNet fans, he is now offering the first 25 'Muggles' who order tickets then email him an autographed program from James! This truly is an amazing offer, and if I were in the UK, I would be there in a heartbeat! Thank you David!

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