Monday, October 1, 2012

An Apology for Lack of Recent Updating To the Loyal Reader

Dear Loyal reader,
This post comes after at least two months infrequent posting. In the last few months, the twitter has been the main source I have used to bring you the Potter news and the blog has been rather bare. This has occured for a few reasons;
Firstly, I undertook a course over the summer that ate up my time like nobody's business, and this came to a cresendo in August. This course, and the exams in the first two weeks of September, gave me literally no time, except for weekends to do anything other that work or study. It was also a computer course which often left me hating the very technology I use to write this blog.
Secondly, and perhaps more detrimentally, our internet of late has been perilously slow, being of the USB mobile phone company kind. A single page takes an enternity to load and pictures or videos cannot be uploaded. This seriously threatened the integrity of my posts, mainly due to the fact that updating of an evening would often include several stories from different fansites, none of which could be loaded together. This can be seen as my own fault for deciding to expand from just Dan news (which is scarce) to the extended cast. This crappy internet leads to the last reason for how bad Danaholics has become:
my lack of real funding to improve the service. I am an unemployed student living at home and therefore rely on my parents to provide internet(which they think should not exceed a monthly cost of 20euro) and my little money cannot always be spent on mobile top-up. Therefore, when my monthly credit runs out, i cannot continue the retweeting i do on the twitter. Twitter is the final survival space of Danaholics and when that goes, we run seriously out of date.
I am not looking for charity or sympathy with this post; I am simply apologising in hopes that you, o loyal reader, will remain faithful and keep reading Danaholics.
I promise to update the last two months to the best of my ability for Daniel,Rupert,Emma,Tom and Matthew Lewis who are our most popular tags on the site and keep up to date as much as possible from now on. There will also be a competition(which I am aware I promised this month in honor of our 6 years online in various places) in October, so stay tuned!
Your ever loving Admin,
Niamh x

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