Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Danaholics Celebrates Six Years Online-Competition for Greatest Follower Ever Part 5-First Prizes

Hey guys!
New followers, old followers, continuing followers, I LOVE YOU ALL! Therefore we are going to kick off celebrations(albeit,a bit late) by running a new competitions for fans! We have started adding info to our competiton section (which you can view here) of previous competions so you can get a looksee of the kind of stuff you have to do to win and what types of prizes we have offered.
Details havent been finalised yet of how you win, but I have begun adding items to the kitty.
Firstly we have some books;
For you Tom Felton fans, we have a copy of Labyrinth by Kate Moss, the book his upcoming Sky miniseries is based on.
For Molly Weasley actress Julie Walters buffs we have here Autobigraphy ..And Thats Another Story.
I'm sure you all have Beedle the Bard by now, but a copy is up for grabs anyway.
More bits will be added here in due course.

In memorabilia, we will be lining up posters, stickers, etc when we have gathered together what we have. We still have a couple of those exclusive Deathly Hallows moneyboxes lying about so they will be up for grabs.

We will also most likely do up a few more Danaholics exclusive images of Dan and other cast members to be framed.

Stay tuned for more!
Your loving admin,

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