Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rowling and Potter: JK answers Fan 'Casual Vacancy' Questions, UK Covers for 1-4 Potter Re-release

If you want an adult cover that is more imaginative that previos Potter adult covers, these may be for you. For the re-release of UK Adult editions of the 7 Harry Potter books, Bloomsbury have come up with some stunning designs. Snitchseeker have posted the original black and white illustrations on their website and these, including the Philosopher's Stone picture left, can be viewed in the galleries.

One Goodreads user got to ask  J. K. Rowling a question about writing her characters to mark the paperback release of "The Casual Vacancy". 
The question and response can be seen below (click on it to enlarge). PLEASE NOTE THERE IS SPOILERS. We have a copy of this in an upcoming comp,so stay tuned!

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