Friday, April 4, 2014

Potter: Fantastic Beasts Trilogy, Tale of Three Brothers Short,HP Exhibit Coming to Germany, JK Bibliography & More

Lots of Potter related news these days guys!

Firstly we have for you the trailer of that short film based on The Tale of the Three Brothers we told you about before. The short story, which comes from the Beedle the Bard collection and is pivitol to Deathly Hallows, was recently adapted into a short live action  film by The New England School of Communications and their trailer is below:
For more info on this production, head to the link above or to the school's own info page here.

In other news, Harry Potter the Exhibition is heading to Cologne Germany. The exhibition, which holds some of the costumes and props used in the Potter series and has already visited Tokyo and Canada, will set up shop in the European city this October 3rd. The Exhibition will open its doors at the science and adventure museum ODYSSEUM in Cologne-Kalk. Tickets are now on sale here.

The twins were on hand to make this announcement and a picture of the pair from the press conference is  above left.

In other fan events, WB Studio Tour have added a few events to their calander following Feathers and Flight which has just begun at the London suburban site and runs until April 27th.
Wand Week
Friday 23rd May – Monday 2nd June
Delve into the world of wandmaking and duel with a Death Eater as Wand Week returns to the Studio Tour by popular demand. Visitors will be able to discover firsthand how duelling scenes were developed and explore the incredibly detailed process behind each wand movement. Original moulds, concept art and wand designs will be showcased in the attraction as well as the iconic duelling table from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Bludgers, Board Games and Broomsticks
Friday 18th July – Monday 1st September
Learn how magical sports and wizarding games came to life on screen at the Studio Tour this summer. Authentic costumes from Quidditch scenes will be on display as well as the rattling ball crate from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Visitors will discover how a combination of special and visual effects were used to make cast members fly and chess pieces move – as well as getting the chance to test green screen technology for themselves!

Dark Arts
Friday 17th October – Monday 3rd November
Secrets behind the Dark Arts will be revealed this October half-term at the Studio Tour. For two weeks only visitors will learn how the Dark Arts were brought to life on screen, get the chance to duel with a Death Eater. Something wicked this way comes.

Hogwarts at Christmas
Friday 14th November – January 2015
The most magical snowfall of the season will take place at the Studio Tour this November as the breathtaking Hogwarts castle model is covered in a blanket of snow. Some of the attraction’s intricately-detailed sets will also be given a festive makeover using the actual decorations and food props seen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Eight Christmas trees will line the Great Hall, along with festoons of holly, mistletoe and golden wreaths.
Bloomsbury is set to publish a bibliographical book of all of the texts published by and about J.K. Rowling which is set to be a great tool for "scholars, book collectors, auction houses, critics and researchers. The aim of the book is to record fact and dispel rumour on the fascinating publishing history of the Harry Potter series." 
It will be released in the UK this October and in the US December 18th. The book can be pre-ordered by clicking the applicable location.

In other Rowling news, Jo calls on us to support a free press at @impressproject . For more info head here. She also reiterated the importance of supporting Lumos and "help vulnerable mums look after their children, not abandoned in an institution". More info here.

In an exciting Fantastic Beasts development, WB have announced there is to be a trilogy of movies about Newt Scamander. Production will begin in 2015.

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