Monday, November 4, 2013

Rupert Grint and Mojo: Reviews, Reviews, Nominate Rupert for WhatsOnStage Awards

Everyone's been buzzing (including the Internet) since Saturday last week and the opening of the previews for Rupert Grint's first foray into theatre in Mojo and more reviews have come in.

Of most importance (we think!) is the flawless cover of the opening by the wonderful Rupert Grint US.
Left is a picture they took while some snippits of their awesome staff joint review is below as well as a video of Rupert answering some of their questions at the stagedoor. The full review is here whereas the fansite has a full album of pictures from in front of the theatre and at the stagedoor here.

Malene: Well, my unforgettable still stands as my word since I keep having flashbacks and getting lines stuck in my head… often at the most inappropriate times since I want to laugh out loud. It had a very different feel to me compared to the other plays I’ve seen… very very different.
Tao: I’m pretty sure the next time someone goes, “Calm down!” I’m going to say, “I am calm. I’m talking.”
Kathy: Loved that!
Malene: yeah
Karo: One of the best lines ever!
Tao: Rupert’s delivery made it even better.
Malene: These days I keep thinking: “Stop toffee appling me”… I loved the banter between Sidney and Sweets. Their bromance is now my favourite.
Tao: Yeah. Rupert was really good at make his self known on stage for someone who has never been on. He had a real stage presence. The running gag of “My piss is black.” You’d think that’d get old after the second time, but it wasn’t.
Karo: Rupert held himself up VERY well next to the other experienced stage actors.

Another review can be seen on a fan's blog here.

If you also feel Rupert proved his metal and skill in Mojo, or you just want to show your appreciation for his talent in general, drop him a nomination at the Whats On Stage Awards 2014 here.

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