Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Emma Watson: Teen Vogue Shoot and Video

This month and next (depending on your location) are Emma Watson heavy with This is the End and Bling Ring out or coming out soon. So she will be out promoting and in line with this August's Teen Vogue magazine will star Emma  on the cover, which can now be seen left.
The issue contains a new photoshoot and interview and these can be previewed on the website, with the pics so far appearing in our Emma album soon! A video of Emma on the set of the shoot can be viewed below:

The issue will hit shelves early next month.

In other Bling Ring promo, Emma and director Sofia Coppola appeared on NPR news. The interview can be read or listed to here.
Source: Mugglenet

For candid pics of Emma in NYC, check out JustJARED!

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