Friday, August 24, 2012

Preview:Evanna Lynch Does Photoshoot With Giulano Bekor, APEX trailer

I was perusing Twitter(as you do) in the wee hours of yesterday morning and got word that Evanna Lynch had just finished an intensive shoot with photographer Giuliano Bekor just 4 hours previous:
Thank you for the amazing 9.5 hour photoshoot day today! Had a blast!! I will be picking feathers out of my hair for weeks...

I investigated further and found some tweets on the photographer's on the shoot. He also posted a little preview of Evanna's shoot (which I instantly put on the twitpic)which can be seen left and some more previews of the studio setup he was to use are here.

In other Evanna news, the newly 21 year old's next film APEX had it's trailer released at LeakyCon(well of course, her sister Emily told me they go every year) and is now available below thanks to Snitchseeker:

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