Friday, May 25, 2012

UPDATED:Rupert Grint Starts Filming in Romania and is Confirmed to star in CBGB alongside Alan Rickman-UPDATE:New Poster and costar announced

We let you know Rupert's part in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman was confirmed a few days ago and he has already started filming in Romania, as one fan posted this image (which reposted) of him with co-star James Buckley in the background.
We never posted the announcement of this rumour or the confirmation, but check out RupertGrintUS' rumour post and RupertGrint.Net's comfirmation for further details.

Another Rupert role has also emerged this week and Snitchseeker got the scoop.
Rupert is to star in the biopic ? alongsid Potter co-star Alan Rickman:
[CBGB] stars Alan Rickman as CBGB owner Hilly Kristal(a role Leaky revealed to us last week) and the New York City club's impact on the underground music scene, highlighting artists like the Talking Heads, the Ramones and Blondie. Grint will play Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys, who played a prominent role during the club's rise.
CBGB is set to begin production this June, with The Drummer's Randall Miller directing with screenwriter Jody Savin.

RupertGrintUS have retweeted a post by THR(The Hollywood Reporter) reporting that Stana Katic, star of tv show Castle and Joel David Moore,star of Avatar have joined the CBGB cast. Read more here.RG.US also posted the film's first poster,which can now be seen top left.

In other CBGB news, posted about an article today regarding pre-production of the movie.Read some details about when and where they will be filming, here.

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