Sunday, May 13, 2012

Come Dine Below the Line With Bonnie Wright Episode Now Online for UK Viewers

We reported earlier on Bonnie Wright's campaign to get people involved in the Below The Line Campaign: A fund-raising appeal where participants survive on £1 of food a day over a period of 5 days. As part of her appeal, Bonnie took part in a Come Dine With Me Special, which is now available online here for people in the UK (and Ireland it seems, as it's working for me).
For more information, go here.


Anonymous said...

could you upload it on youtube so fans outside UK & Ireland can watch it

Niamh, Danaholics Anonymous said...

hi there,
I would, but it'd probably be taken down by Channel 4 within hours due to copyright. I'll ask them to put it up and report back here when i find out.
Admin of DA

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reply :)

about the video I've found it on youtube :)