Thursday, February 9, 2012

UPDATE:CONFIRMED;Upcoming Role for @TomFelton in horror film Therese Raquin?

Rumours are currently circulating that Tom Felton is in talks to star alongside Glenn Close and Elizabeth Olsen in a film entitled Therese Raquin. posted this summary;
"Written and set to be helmed by acclaimed theater director Charlie Stratton, the film’s being produced by William Horberg and Mickey Liddell. Close is attached for the role of Madame Raquin, and Olsen for Therese, who, with her lover Laurent, murder her husband (Felton), a sick boy that Madame Raquin forced Therese to marry. After Therese later marries her true love, the couple is haunted by the ghost of the dead husband and it poisons their love into all-consuming hatred."

Tom himself retweeted the girl who tweeted this article,so is it a laugh for him or his way of saying, yes,I'm up for this?Only time will tell.

SO SORRY for the late update on this here. MUGGLENET have confirmed this role! Yay! Details here.

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