Sunday, July 31, 2011

JK ROWLING: Who Do You Think You Are

as i'm sure you all have heard, the upcoming series of BBC's popular family tree orientated series, Who Do You Think You Are,is to include an episode on our hero, JK Rowling,due to be aired August 17th.
Previously, Jo herself traced the Weasley family tree forward. Now it is the turn of her own family,which reaches back into French World War history:
her ancestor Louis Volant attempted 'to get weapons to French soldiers besieged by Germans in the Battle of Verdun',but all is not as it seemed.
Rowling honoured her ancestor she has 'always been proud of' when she received her own honorary Légion d'honneur. Yet the episode of the BBC show reveals a different story according to the Irish Sunday Times;

*show spoiler#show spoiler

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Apparantly,when Joanne was researching,French authorities pulled the wrong files,the wrong Volant. Turns out he didn't receive the Légion d'honneur at all. Rather he got the Croix de guerre.
Not a big deal,in my opinion,he's still a war hero.

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