Tuesday, February 1, 2011

#GreatestFollowerEverPartDeux competition- simplified!

I know I have probably over-complicated these posts, so here's the full lowdown as given to a person interested in taking part;
"basically i have a load of hp stuff lying around that is pretty awesome, but i have waaaay too much stuff, so ithought i'd run a competition to help gain more twitter followers and thank the ones i already have for their continued support. so back in november i ran Greatest Follower Ever and a lovely girl who reads my posts all the time and retweet and tells people i'm awesome won that one. I still have stuff and 2 copies of cherrybomb so i thought i'd run it again."

"well if you head over to the blog at http://www.niamhdanaholicsanaonymous.blogspot.com/ all the details are there. a few posts down you should find pictures of the prizes of which the winner will receive two of his or her choice from :)"

"heres the individual posts links...http://niamhdanaholicsanonymous.blogspot.com/2010/12/greatestfollowereverpartdeux-prizes-and.html , http://niamhdanaholicsanonymous.blogspot.com/2011/01/update-on-greatestfollowerev...erpartdeux.html , http://niamhdanaholicsanonymous.blogspot.com/2011/01/new-stuff-on-greatestfollowereverpartde.html
in that order. "

"the 2nd group appears to be going out the window, so its just the first one.
it mainly involves recommending us to others,taking our survey and joining our different affiliates-fb (which you've done),subbing on youtube and the blog itse...lf. Most people dont have youtube channels or blogspots so thats why theres high points there. I need more subbers.
The prizes are; a framed DA exclusive picture of Dan, an irish teen magazine with Emma as the cover star, a Cherrybomb dvd, a hogwarts crest notebook, a poster of lavender brown, exclusive Deathly Hallows moneybox (choice of either Ron/Hermione or Harry) and file dividers for the runners up. The winner (with the most points) gets his/her choice of 2 of the prizes, the 2nd gets to choose a prize from the remainder and so on.
It runs til Valentine's Day."

"the 2nd group regarded rewriting a pop song to include Dan or the Potter cast.characters and the winner would win 2nd choice of prizes. may run that comp seperately."


Any questions? just drop me a line on the twitter; http://www.twitter.com/#!/DanaholicsAnony

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