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SNITCHSEEKER have a new interview with the proud redhead, interestingly involving details of a new project.
"Rupert spoke about the ending of the franchise, and how much he didn't want it to finish as the final months of production neared.

“We’ve been at this one since February 2009 so it’s been a really long shoot. I wished it was quicker but then we didn’t want the last few months to end,” he says.

“It’s going to be a very different Harry Potter film. I think it’s going to be a great way to end.”
From working on Wild Target, Rupert got the joy of becoming a gun-toting apprentice alongside Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows co-star Bill Nighy, whom he speaks highly of.

“The guns appealed to me quite a bit – it was refreshing, and very unlike Ron. All the action stuff – the car chase too – was really fun,” he says.

Not only does he get to fire a gun (minus real bullets), he also had to learn how to dismantle one.

“I remember really looking forward to it but they are really intimidating. I wasn’t prepared for how powerful and loud they are,” he admits.

“There’s a scene where I also had to assemble a gun blind-folded so I had to learn how the gun comes apart and put it together again. That’s quite useful, I suppose – if I need to do it again, I could,” he adds, grinning.

“We went to a shooting range to fire real bullets at targets. It was really quite cool to do, but so difficult. I don’t know how people do it,” he says.
“[Bill]’s brilliant. You pick up a lot, just from working with him. He’s very calm, gentle and hilarious as well, so we had a lot of fun,” he says.
Rupert spoke about his future in acting, including stepping out of the Ron Weasley mould, playing Eddie the Eagle, and his interest in theatre.

“As we’re closing to an end now, we’re about to step out into the real world, which is quite a scary thought,” he reveals.

“We’re looking to keep going and find different roles and a way to escape getting typecast. But with Ron, I think I’ll be OK.”
“I’m quite looking forward to that. He’s a big character and quite funny. It’s still early stages though, it’s not completely final yet,” he says.

“The whole story is inspiring because he’s the classic underdog and he actually did amazing things. He set the British record at the time. He’s just got so much guts.”
“I’d do literally anything. Anything that’s quite different with big characters would be good. Someone dark and insane would be quite cool,” he adds.
“I’d like to do some stage in the future, definitely, because it seems like you get a lot of satisfaction – probably not naked or singing though,” he says.

“It just seems like a massive step and it’s a different craft because you only get one chance. "

- http://www.walesonline.co.uk/showbiz-and-lifestyle/film-in-wales/2010/06/08/grint-on-target-for-life-after-potter-91466-26611671/

In another interview, posted earlier by SS, he spoke about going nude in Wild Target:
okay...and now it seems to have disappeared off the website...is this in honor of Tom's new dvd?? okie doke..if i find it...it shall be posted..ali remember that it's when he's in the bath and the bath is of milk to make the water cloudy!

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