Sunday, May 16, 2010


SS came across this little gem, where RUPERT shows the difference between weekends as a child and his hectic scheduled adult equivilent;
"As a child, my weekends were spent helping my dad run his business selling Formula 1 memorabilia. It was fun playing around with all the gear and my brother James and I would create our own amusement by building coffee tables out of old tyres we found around the lot. Those were the good old days. Now I'm a fully grown adult with a full-time job which, unfortunately, doesn't involve mucking around all day.

When I'm filming Harry Potter, my schedule gets very hectic and weekends off are never guaranteed. We can spend an entire day just sitting and reading lines in a studio in Watford, which is why I try to make the most of the little time that I have off. Although we have a lot of fun on set, playing practical jokes and catching up, it's always an utter relief to go home after a long day in front of the camera.

Saturday afternoons are usually reserved for playing golf with the buddies and we might catch up over a few drinks afterwards. It's always a good feeling being surrounded by friends after a busy week of filming. They keep you grounded."

And about weekend trips;
"I'm really into weekend trips. Last year I went to both the Reading and V festivals with a bunch of my mates, which was amazing. The best trips are always those that are unplanned so I try not to be too organised. We even arrived without a tent at Reading last year, but luckily a few friends had some extra space so we ended up crashing with them."

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