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exclusive RG.NET Cherrybomb interview! and MuggleCast #197!

RG.NET have a cool new interview with Rupert regarding Cherrybomb which are well worth a look.
The interview is by a fellow Irish person (so extra snaps), Andrew Johnson, who interestingly is involved in charity:
"Andrew is this year hoping to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in support of Mencap, if you would like to support him in honour of this great cause, please click here. Our thanks and support go out to him for this wonderful interview!".
And my thanks too bro!
Here are some interesting questions and answers:
It has been nearly two years since you filmed Cherrybomb in Northern Ireland. A lot must have changed for you personally and professionally in that time. How do you look back at the movie now?

I am still really glad I did it. It is weird that it's been two years. It doesn't really feel like two years. I have been working for so long on this last Harry Potter film that the years have all gone a little bit weird. But yeah, I had a great time. It was such a different filming experience, mainly due to the fact that obviously the budget was a lot lower and we only really filmed it for four weeks. It was really pacy, and there was a lot more pressure to get a good take. I really enjoyed that way of working.

The film initially struggled to find a distributor, but your fans launched a successful online petition to get it into cinemas. It must be great to have a fan base that will get behind your work like that.

It is amazing. It really blew me away. It makes you think how important the fans are, and how powerful the internet can be. It was quite a worrying time. We went to Berlin [Film Festival] with it two years ago, and people seemed to like it, so we were worried about the delay. It was an uncertain time, but it was nice to know the support from the fans was there.

How did you find working with the Northern Ireland actors: James Nesbitt, Paul Garret, Conor MacNeill?

It was a great cast. We all got on really well together. I really fell in love with Belfast as a place, because of the people. We'd all go out as a massive group. Conor was really cool, and Lalor Roddy. The dynamic between Lalor and Robert was great.

Belfast rockabilly band the Sabrejets appear in the film, and other Northern Ireland bands are on the soundtrack. Did you see any gigs while you were over?

No, I didn't actually. I kept meaning to, but there were other things going on. I saw those guys [the Sabrejets], and they were cool - a really different sound. David Holmes did a great job on the soundtrack. It adds a whole layer to the film.

There's a lot of violence in the film, but there are no references to the Troubles, which is quite fresh. Was that something that attracted you?

Yeah, definitely. When I first saw the script and saw that it was called Cherrybomb and it was set in Belfast, you assume it's going to be centred around the Troubles. But there's not even a hint to it, or to religion at all. It's a sign that Belfast is changing as a place. I thought it was quite a fresh look on Belfast.

You do a great job with the Belfast accent. How hard did you have to work to nail it?

The accent took a while to settle in, because it's not a sound I'm that familiar with. We had a really good voice coach, Brendan Gunn, who made a CD for us all. And just living out there and being surrounded by everyone made it easier. It's a cool accent.

[funny i complimented him on that!]

The full interview can be found at:

Interestingly it includes an interview with Warwick Davis.

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