Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rupert Grint: Download 'Lightning' Now, Moonwalkers filming Begins -Images, Heatworld, HeyUguys and BBC Interviews

Mad to hear Rupert's full song Struck by Lightning? If you have a spotify account you can listen here and add it to your playlist. It can also be downloaded from itunes here or just have a listen below:

In other Rupert news, Moonwalkers filming has seemed to begun in Brussells and you can check out a fun image of Rupert with Eric Lampaert (possible co-star?) and a big shoe here! Roland LeBrun also posted an image of the filmset here.

Ron Pearlman tweeted:

Finally, Rupert spoke about getting singing lessons for his part in Postman Pat, always wanting to be in a band and more with Heatworld. Check the interview out here. In another interview with HeyYouGuys he talked about the movie - interview here. Also you can read another interview, with BBC, here.
Also you can get the t-shirt Rupert wore at Mojo afterparty here.

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