Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Emma Watson Interviews Rowling - Ronoine "be alright with a bit of counseling", NEW Noah Poster and Tv Spot

As we have been reporting on, Emma Watson in her role as guest editor, interviewed J.K. Rowling. This interview was previewed and taken rather out of context in British press. The preview insinuated that Rowling admitted she should have put Hermione with Harry than with Ron. However, as further quotes revealed she merely said that logically speaking they may have been "a better fit", but like herself Hermione has a "weakness for a funny man"  and that they would "be alright with a bit of counseling". As I see it, Love often overlooks logic and although herself and Harry may have worked well, that spark that exists between Hermione and Ron would have not been there.
Read the full interview here. In the interview, Rowling talks about the above, the pre-Hogwarts play, Fantastic Beasts and more.

In other Watson news, there was a new poster released from Noah recently, which features Emma.

Further to this, there was a new spot released during the Superbowl which we never posted which is now below:

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