Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rupert Grint: Was Live on Huffington Post a Little While Ago! Hunger TV I Dare You Feature

Huffington Post, an online news site, spoke to Rupert and the real Cheetah Chrome about CBGB. Check out the video here. Rupert starts at 11.32. Can I say, and I'm sorry for this, Rupert looks beautiful in his natural habitat...was having a bit of a fangirl several moments there....

In other Rupert news, he recently did a photoshoot and interview with Hunger Magazine and during the process took part in a dare with fellow Potter cast member (albeit briefly) Jamie Campbell Bower. Check it out below:

Thanks to @If_you_luv_Rupe for the tip!
The photo above is part of a set of "new and re-edited" pictures of the CBGB cast on set posted by Bill Dawers. Check out all the pics here.

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