Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tom Felton: Another Peek at Bello Mag, To Attend Boston Super Mega Fest

Bello Mag have posted another preview (the last is here) of their shoot with Tom Felton, and this image is now left.

In other Tom news, He has been continuing to speak about his upcoming tv show Full Circle (which premieres on DirectTv in a few days!).
He spoke to the New York Times saying the following:
“A project like Full Circle is really the complete opposite of Harry Potter, and, hopefully, it will further my options and keep other doors opening for me,” he said.

“I read the first episode before understanding fully the entire concept,” Felton said from a Los Angeles hotel. “I was massively excited when they explained it to me because it does take some explaining. It’s a unique concept and a unique scenario.

 “Of course I couldn’t resist reading all 10 episodes to understand how lives can interlink without you even being conscious of it. I’d never read anything even remotely close to this."
Read the full interview here.

Finally if you live in Boston and love Tom Felton here's some good news: Tom Felton will be attending this year’s Boston Super Mega Fest on November 23rd/24th. Tom will be there on both Saturday and Sunday for Q&A, autographs and pictures. Information on tickets, prices and what types of tickets you can get check out the website for the con. Wow! Tickets are quite reasonable compared to stuff I heard about before: wish I lived in Boston!

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