Friday, October 5, 2012

Pottermore Recent updates-Rowling Webvisit and audio clips now available ,

Pottermore have updated a bit since they opened chapters 4-11 (Damn those Cornish Pixies!). Primarily, the key news is that JK Rowling will be doing a live webchat (as you can see left), on October 11th at 5pm GMT(ie over here in Ireland and The UK) and 12pm ET/ 9AM PT. You can tune in here. 
For tips on how to limit interference with the live broadcast, check out this page and scroll to Technical Requirements.

In other Pottermore news, audio clips can now be heard of the books:
Selected Moments in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone now contain excerpts from the digital audio book for you to enjoy. Currently the audio excerpts are available in English UK, English US, German and Italian.
 ...if only you can solve these clues five! They were released over five days and the puzzles point to where these audio bits can be heard.

Using information from the story, complete the following sum to find the chapter in Book One on Pottermore in which an audio book snippet appears:

The number of minutes Professor Lockhart gives his class to complete a test in their first lesson with him, minus the amount of players on a Quidditch pitch, plus the amount of inches of James Potter’s wand, minus the amount of bedrooms in the Dursleys’ house, minus the amount of Galleons a single unicorn horn costs, plus the number of streets away that Mrs Figg lives from the Dursleys. 

Puzzle 2:
This Moment is all jumbled up! Can you un-muddle it to reveal another Moment in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on Pottermore, where an audio book reading can be heard?

Puzzle 3:
Solve this anagram to find another location where you can hear an audio book excerpt from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone:

Scale Moss Red Dish Out

Puzzle 4: 

This object belongs in a specific Moment in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Locate the Moment to discover an audio book snippet to listen to: 

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