Thursday, June 7, 2012

CBGB twitter/Facebook and New Articles, Bonnie Wright Below the Line Video and Her Twitter Staying Open

Rupert Grint and Alan Rickman's upcoming project CBGB, which starts shooting June 25, is getting alot of media buzz lately.
RupertGrintUS are reporting that various articles have emerged about the film. and The Hollywood Reporter have detailed the star-studded list of actors taking part in the film and the former mentioned Rupert Grint's role:
I can say with certainty that some big names are right on the edge of being announced. Already we know Rupert Grint (another Harry Potter alumni, along with Rickman) will play Cheetah Chrome, who served as a guitarist for The Dead Boys at the beginning of his own long career in punk and rock music.

Read the article here and the HR one here.
Another article talks of the open casting that will occur for the movie soon in Savannah.Find out more here.
Leaky Cauldron also mention in a post that Alan Rickman is very excited about the film. The quote from Alan came in the Daily Telegraph and can be read below:
“Sadly I never got to go to the club when it was around, but they’re reconstructing it as we speak in a studio in Savannah so I’ll have my second youth there,” the Harry Potter star declares.

“I’ll get what might be called the vibe when I go there in three weeks, I’ll be vibing."

Finally on the CBGB front, they have launched an official twitter and facebook. Follow and like here and here.

A nice reader,who has posted as Anonymous unfortunately, has linked us to a youtube version of Bonnie Wright's Come Dine Below the Line episode which previously could only be watched in Britain and Ireland via channel 4's online player. Check it out below;

Thanks Anonymous!
In other Bonnie Below the Line news, Snitchseeker have confirmed with Bonnie's reps that she will return to twitter with her "next project."
Stay tuned for more!

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