Thursday, March 19, 2015

Moonwalkers Premieres in North America, Picked up, New Clips

Lots of great Moonwalkers news emerged in the last week. Not only did the film have its North American premiere but it also got picked up for release in USA. Further to this some first look clips emerged!

Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan were among the guests for this year's SXSW festival (still ongoing) held annually in Austin, Texas. Left is one image of Rupert at the premiere (taken by Rob Sheehan) while more can be found in RG.US' gallery. Other Potter alumni at the fest included Domhnall Gleeson who was in town to promote his futuristic film Ex Machina. Thankfully the release of the film is not limited to the people who were lucky enough to grab tickets for the screening and has been picked up by Alchemy, formally known as Millenium Entertainment, for general release in America. Hopefully this will encourage European companies to pick up the film!

In previews for us non-attendees, some clips from the film have emerged online and can now be seen below.

A third more Ron Pearlman-centric clip can be seen on Instagram.

Some reviews have also come in, snippits from which are below:
 “Grint makes for a very personable straight man, teaming up well both with Sheehan, as his drug-addled mate, and Perlman, with whom he gradually forms a begrudging partnership.”

“decent performances from Grint as Jonny, the hapless manager of a terrible rock band” The Guardian

“But Grint is definitely an affable if hapless leading man, and can count this as another milestone toward putting Harry Potter behind him.” Vanity Fair

“Despite the winning pairing of Grint and Sheehan, whose mutual idiocy is always more endearing than annoying, this is undoubtedly Perlman’s movie. … He’s the surly, shotgun-toting Monty to Sheehan and Grint’s whimpering Withnail and I.” Little White Lies

“Grint plays the straight man, while Perlman gets to do some Neeson-like old-man ass-kicking (and also some Roger Sterling-like old man acid-dropping.) The cast is largely full of scene-stealers, most of whom are actors unknown to American audiences, like Robert Sheehan and Eric Lampaert.” Technology Tell

“Rupert Grint does the exasperated hero thing so well. He is charming and funny without coming off as too clownish.” Ain’t It Cool News

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