Thursday, November 14, 2013

Video: Rupert Grint on the Andrew Marr Show, HQ Photos from Official Mojo Opening Night, Come see Charlie Countryman!

We previously told you that Rupert Grint was on The Andrew Marr show to promote Mojo and we now have the footage for everyone thanks to Rupert Grint US:

In other Mojo news, the official press opening night was last night and there are many new high quality photos of the cast in attendance and a few of them bowing on stage. These join other new images from the stage that emerged on the 11th November These can all be seen in our gallery.

Because it was press night, of course there were lots of reviews and a great summary of 'rave reviews' so far can be found on RGUS here.

Don't forget you can win Christmas Eve tickets to the show with Rupert Grint Net here.

Finally, the Facebook for Charlie Countryman has posted a lil video of Rupert which you can see here.

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