Friday, September 6, 2013

Potter Cast Donate Art For St Ormond Street Auction, NEW UK Deathly Hallows Cover

To aid St Ormond Street Children's Hospital, Potter alumni such as Alan Rickman and Helena  Bonham-Carter have donated art to be auctioned off, in particular to develop their cardiac ward:
The art pieces - of which 13 celebrities donated overall - will be on display and for auction at Daphne's restaurant in London, as part of the Daphne's Drawings: Celebrity Art Exhibition For Great Ormond Street running from now until October 1, free to the public for viewing. The art is available for purchase at £1,000 each, and all of the proceeds will go towards the hospital's ward.
Check out the art by Alan left and find out more here.

In other news, Bloomsbury, the UK publisher of the Potter series, has revealed the last cover in their re-release of the series. Check it out on Magical Menagerie.

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