Monday, May 28, 2012

Live in Singapore?Attend the Grand Opening of Singapore's Harry Potter Exibition as PRESS, Pottermore Chamber of Secrets One Step Closer to Opening

Mugglenet are offering fans who will be in Singapore June 1st the chance to be a true Mugglenet reporter and cover the opening of the Harry Potter exibition there, receiving a press pass which will get you unrivaled and free access to the
"We will provide one press pass to a qualified Harry Potter fan, to cover and report on the Grand Opening event, which is scheduled to take place on Friday, June 1st at 2:30PM. If you feel you are able to cover this event and write up your experience in a professional manner, then send your application directly to immediately."

The exibition doesnt open until the 2nd June, so go for it if you can!

In other exciting Harry Potter related news, Pottermore are getting us all excited for Chamber of Secrets by tweeting the following:
"Chamber of Secrets update: this week we're recording audio for the Moments".

Can't wait for the book to open! We will tweet IMMEDIATELY after we find out it's open!

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