Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rupert Grint's 'Into the White' Gets It's World Premiere, Press Conferences and Interviews

Rupert Grint US AND RupertGrintNET were busy covering the various press events and, of course, the premiere of Into the White on Sunday and here is our very own round-up.

Firstly, it's important to post a link to that lovely little Daily Mail interview we retweeted, with Rupert and his race-car driver brother James, which can be read here.

Rupert Grint US were live-tweeting the event, which took place as part of the Oslo Film Festival, and top left is the first picture they posted Sunday. It's very blurry, but there is loads more here on RG.US and here on RG.NET.
RG.NET posted this lovely one (right).

This took place yesterday and RG.US were again live-tweeting. Below is just a few quotes. Pictures of the conference and a photocall also held on the day can be seen here.

"I thought it was exicting to do a movie in Norway, such a great character to play"

"It was hard to learn the accent, but also fun. It suited the character".

"I will take what comes, definitely no wizards roles".

One interview with Rupert from the press conference RG.US's youtube posted can be seen below;

It comes from NKR.

Another interview can be seen here.
Some wonderfully translated articles about upcoming Eddie the Eagle biopic, not playing any more wizards, and the extreme weather conditions on Into the White can be read here, here, and here.
I found more articles at Zentropa Norway's (a company involved in the movie)twitter, but as they're in Norwegian (an my google translate hasnt kicked in) i will trust you not to follow this link unless you can read it!I seriously recommend installing google translate as it has made my life so much easier!

RupertGrint.net have a report on the the premiere here and more stuff on the press conference here if you run out of stuff above! And RG.US have a press day report here.

The word has arrived just awhile ago that Rupert has arrived at his next premiere;
"The glitter jacket and several layers kept Rupert Grint warm. Lots of hugs for the lucky fans! #IntoTheWhite"

Can't wait to see Rupert's 'singing scene' in Into the White myself!

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