Sunday, March 4, 2012

First Matt lewis 'Wasteland' promo, Butterbeer for WB Studio Tour!!

Matthew Lewis. Com were the first to post this brand new image (left) of Matthew Lewis from his new flick Wasteland and to announce the facebook! Matthew Lewis himself didn't post it til an hour later, so go you guys! Take a look at the facebook here. Also in the film is of Iwan Rheon of Misfits fame, and Matt's Potter co-star Timothy Spall.

In other exciting news, we were literally jumping for joy at Danaholics towers to hear that we could get Butterbeer as of March 31st! We have waited for years for this chance! Warwick Davis announced that Butterbeer will be served at LEAVESDEN STUDIOS when it opens March 31st, and he posed for photos with the beverage for the WB Studio Tour people. You can see the picture on twitpic now here.

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