Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Role/Interview for Matt Lewis,Dan Is One of Most Crushable (of course)

MatthewLewisCom, always first on the Lewis news, are reporting today that Matt is to be involved in a short movie called Night of the Living Dead. They sourced the info from Crushable who listed Matt as their no 19 Most Crushable Star.
Daniel Radcliffe also appeared on the list, according to Magical Menagerie, appearing at number 12 ,down 8 from last year...guess being out of the spotlight has its downfalls...Anywho, the complete list can be found here.

Finally, returning to Matthew Lewis, he recently sat down with Leeds Style Guide to talk about Potter, Post-potter and upcoming projects Wasteland and The Syndicate. Matt is a proud Leeds..eh..person.. and its nice to get the local paper once in a while. The entire interview can be read here thanks to Simon O'Hara who posted the link on his twitter.

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