Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cast News-Emma Watson new pics: 'icon of her generation', Bonnie Wright/Matt Lewis project details

Mugglenet are reporting that some new photoshoot images of Emma Watson for Lancome promo have popped up in the Daily Mail. Check out one left, on the twitpic and the full article here.
On the note of Emma, Perks of Being a Wallflower has received a R rating according to Hogwarts Radio.

Bonnie's various projects have come to a head the past few days, with rumours of a May release date for her already rapped acting role The Philosophers and a first look at her and Potter costar David Thewlis sitting on the set of Bonnie's directoral debut Seperate We Go. Snitchseeker have confirmed there is no confirmed (haha) date for The Philosophers and also posted the image mentioned above from the Seperate We Go set, which can now be seen right and here.

More details on a Matthew Lewis project has also being released by MatthewLewisCom, about the feature film Wasteland. It began filming Monday and will finish March 31st. More details here.

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