Saturday, January 14, 2012

21 Country release for Rupert's Into the White, Ask Rupert a question and New Emma Lancome pics

Our picture is from the last story.
The release of Rupert Grint's Into the White is being a little overshadowed by the Woman in Black, but never fear! We at Danaholics love Rupert just as much (DanAndRupertAholics is a bit of a long title!) and are happy to announce that Into the White is getting a greater release than just NORWAY! Ireland is there so we're very happy and keeping an eye out for a Dublin premiere! Check out the list from RupertGrintnet below and see if it's coming to you!
"Germany, Britain, Spain, Thailand, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Andorra, Luxembourg, Ireland, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia."

The Wonderful Rupert website is also offering YOU the chance to ask Rupert a question, so head here for full details!!

Finally, Snitchseeker have posted 12 new Emma pics from behind the scenes at lancome shoot. As we cannot post them all, view a selection here at our facebook, but for the set click on the word snitchseeker above!

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