Thursday, June 16, 2011


Although we never managed to get many signatures so we couldn't attend as press, DANAHOLICS ANONYMOUS WILL be attending the London leg of the next premiere run, for Deathly Hallows Part 2.
So as part of our latest competition, which you have 2 weeks and 3 days to enter, you will not receive a physical prize as winner, but will have your question asked to your favourite member of cast, exclusing Emma Watson as I never manage to meet her.

So here how its gonna work;
First and foremost former winners featured in previous blog posts regarding Greatest Ever Follower and Greatest Follower Ever Part Deux will be excluded (sorry guys) unless there are exceptional circumstances (like if nobody else enters!).
Secondly there will be a first round to narrow down the actually great followers of Danbaholics Anonymous. Let me explain; I will first offer the chance of entry to the people who check out,reply etc to our posts most frequently up to next Tuesday, then it will be opened to the floor and anybody can enter.

From Tuesday to the Sunday before the premiere,and this may then be extended to the wednesday before pending phone internet connection, you can submit your question for Rupert, Dan, James, Oliver, Matt, Tom, Warwick, Mark Williams, ...and so forth exclusing JK Rowling and Emma Watson as I rarely get close enough to them.
Yet in the event i do, I will have the best question for Emma in my mind.

1st prize; I will ask and record your question and answer from the cast member of your choosing, making sure to mention your name so that they can, if they choose to, say hi to you personally.

2nd prize; your question will be put into a draw with the other non-winner so yuor question may still be asked.

3rd prize: if your question is for a member i usually dont meet, and i do meet them, then and only then will it be asked.

Any problems with the details given above? feel free to DIRECT MAIL me on the twitter.

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