Friday, May 6, 2011


I emailed the Guardian to compete this claim. Here is my response;
To Whom it May Concern

My name is Niamh, I'm from Ireland and I'm nearly 22 years of age. I studied literature for 4 years at uni and i still believe that the Harry Potter novels deserve to be called Literature and/or classics. True, to some extent the earlier books seem a bit childish when you return to them years later, but for children they are moral tools, but also full of magic and mystery. I,as a adult still find them to be hilarious and gripping, because unless your memory is next to none, you will forget bits and bobs left out in the films. There's something new to discover every time you return, and even after 10 to 100 reads, Ron is still funny. For older readers, the references to persecution and government corruption are well woven into the plot and for children morals are given to them in a fun and interesting way. I am currently on book 4 in my massive re-read and I find i cannot put them down now any more than I could when I first read the first four in 2001.

So here is my arguement against Danni or whatever her name is. I'd like to see her find some support as Potter fans are numurous-as my friends found to their dismay when they tried to attend the last film premiere. The films can not also be responsible for the popularity; although they may have brought many to the fold, most believe the books to be better in their complexity and hints at swear words "Ron said something that made Hermione go 'Ron!' "

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