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SNITCHSEEKER are reporting the following;
Rupert Grint has been speaking to Young Performer Magazine about Wild Target and his DH WIG, SET PROPS AND CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENTS HAVE OCME UP:
"Q: Tell us about your character Tony.
A: He has a sheltered city life. He’s a mystery and doesn’t know about the countryside, but I relate to him because we’re both laid-back. You don’t know where he’s coming from and he’s in a world of his own.

Q: Did you have firearms training?
A: Yeah. I mean, I was only firing blanks on screen, but I went to a shooting range where I fired real live ammunition, which was scary and intimidating because it’s so loud and powerful. But it was fun.

Q: Did you get injured doing those pratfalls?
A: No, but the cat in Wild Target ripped me apart! It was spiteful and we didn’t get on at all. It mellowed throughout the shoot, but I don’t want to meet it again.

Q: Tell us about your sabre fight scene.
A: I had a stunt guy teach me genuine Samurai moves, but I had to practise with a giant wrapping-paper roll. I wasn’t allowed a proper sword or sabre.

Q: What’s your top Wild Target scene?
A: The most enjoyable was shooting gangster Gregory Fisher’s ear off. He had a fake ear, so that was pretty graphic. Basically, I’m soaking in the bath and he tries to drown me, so I jump up and shoot him.

Q: Was it cool working with Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy?
A: Bill’s so funny. One day he wrote this rap song all about Emily and sang it to her-it was hilarious. He’s into his music and is a big Prince fan.

Q: Are there activities you’re forbidden to do while contracted to Harry Potter?
A: I haven’t been allowed to ski or do extreme sports-unless I was filming in a gap between the Harry Potter films.

Q: You’ve acted professionally since you were 11. How do you cope with the limelight?
A: I wasn’t prepared because it came out of the blue. I’d no ideas how films were even made, so it took a while to get use to. I’m still not used to it, so I guess fame is the most difficult bit.

Q: What’s your strangest encounter with a Harry Potter fan?
A: Fans aren’t that weird here, but in America and Japan they’re more extreme and in your face, and occasionally they grab at you.

Q: How do you keep grounded?
A: I get on with it and I don’t think about stuff too much. I just love the acting and I come from a big, supportive family, which has always helped.

Q: Will you be gutted when you’ve shot your final Harry Potter?
A: It’s a weird feeling that’s creeping up on us all now and I don’t know I’ll deal with it because I’m really proud of Harry Potter. It’s been a massive part of my daily routine since I was 11. It’s going to take a while to adjust.

Q: Have you got your eye on any Harry Potter memorabilia?
A: I’ve tried to take a few little souvenirs in the past and I’ve got a tie, but I’d really like to keep my wand.

Q: Next up you’re playing a skier Eddie The Eagle. Are there other things you’d like to do?
A: I’ve never skied in my life, so that’ll be a challenge. I’d like to do theatre at some point, not sure what type of role, but I always got a real buzz from it when I was at school because it’s so different from film. So I’m up for anything on stage.

Q: Why do you drive an ice-cream van rather than a car?
A: I love ice cream and it was always a dream of mine. It’s fully functional and is like a kitchen on wheels, so it’s not practical to drive because it’s huge.

Q: You’re not the red-carpet type, so any hobbies?
A: I’m really into golf. It’s an old man’s game and I never thought I’d get into it, but it’s fun. And I love drawing, water colours, painting. I don’t keep much of it but I’m always doodling.

Q: What do you think of the Ron Weasley action figures?
A: They’re strange, because some of them are really bad. There are lots of different official ones and some are realistic, but then they’re weird too!

Q: Can you tell us a secret about the final Harry Potter?
A: Well, I wear a wig, even though I’ve always had long hair. I wear hairpieces to make my hair look wilder because we’re kind o living rough. I had four pieces glued in and was constantly picking bits of glue out of my hair."

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