Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bonnie Wright upcoming projects: Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg, The Highway is for Gamblers, Before I Sleep

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Bonnie Wright is a woman that never seems to not be working away on her own projects, from appearing in films to directing short films.

In confirmed upcoming appearances, Bonnie is to co-star in the family film Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg as Diane a "shady new manager of the camp in the story". The synopsis is as follows and the Kickstarter page can be viewed for more info:
The story of Nelson Nutmeg focuses on four children on their annual summer holiday who suspect that their holiday park’s mascot is in danger.

Bonnie is also attached to another Kickstarter project, The Highway is For Gamblers. However funding falls quite a bit short of targets so it is unknown when this will be made. A video where the redhead speaks about her role in the story is now below:

In other videos, the first video containing footage of her directorial project Before I Sleep has been released, and comes in the form of a music video by one of the filom's producers Billy Sharff. Check it out below:

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