Sunday, May 11, 2014

Plot Posibilities for Harry Potter London Play, J.K. Rowling Women's Hour & Remembers the Battle of Hogwarts

In the tradition of posting the oldest news first (although most sites go newest first visually), J.K. Rowling appeared on Women's Hour recently and beforehand she promised to talk about women, shoes and Rugby. She also spoke about her mum Anne. The takeover can now be listened to here and downloaded as a podcast here.

After that appearance, the 16th Anniversary (May 2nd) occurred of the Battle of Hogwarts and she again tweeted to show her sorrow:

In other Rowling news, rumours have emerged about the Potter play she's writing for the London stage. 

Rumours of production/directing team:

The British team of Tony-winning director John Tiffany (Once) and playwright Jack Thorne (Let The Right One In) are said to take charge of the play, and are in early negotiations to direct and writer the Harry Potter prequel for the stage. Thorne is said to have been pursued by J.K. Rowling to write the play, and the author has met both men in collaboration for the production.
Rumours of plot:
Harry’s early years as an orphan and outcast will be the focus of the drama, which could well be in a London theatre by late next year.

The piece will also explore the story of Harry’s parents, ace wizards Lily Evans Potter and James Potter.

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