Thursday, April 3, 2014

Daniel Radcliffe Crosses the Atlantic for Inishmaan: Times Talk, Live Kelly, CBS, Press Photocall & More

Who's in the US and excited from Broadway Cripple of Inishmaan? We saw it in London and it was epic so if you want a preview check out our review of opening preview night.
Dan has officially lost the Frankenstein hair (sad or relived, guys?) and begun promotion for his latest Broadway run which begins on Saturday week.

First Dan took part in an excellent 1 and a half hour Times Talk which was streamed live online and the video cannot be viewed yet, but here are some of the points Dan made:

Daniel praized what Potter did for "excitement" about children's literature and the throngs of youths that began reading because of it.

He referred to how being on the Potter set made him feel he "belonged" compared to school where the very qualities of being chatty, overexcited and interested in other things that were valued on set were frowned upon and he was "told to shut up".

He also spoke enthusiastically about the flawless Kill Your Darlings script which he felt had nothing in it that was unnecessary. This topic came up when he was asked how he approaches scripts and he stated that some scripts he thinks have unnecessary dialogue that highlight something that is already obvious.

He spoke highly of the What If script saying that it lacks that stereotypical Rom-Com feature: the unlikable current boyfriend of the love interest.
Some more points I didnt note are at Snitchseeker here.

Dan next spoke on Live with Kelly and Michael and a shot taken before the show is above right.

Dan also took part in the official press event for the play and one of the pictures taken is top left.
More images are here.

In other interviews, Dan sat down with CBS 'On the Couch' and the video is below:

Don't forget you can win two tickets to opening night! Info here.

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