Monday, November 4, 2013

Rupert Grint: NEW 'Enemy of Man' Stil and Article,Interviewed in the Sunday Times,Andrew Marr

The twitter for Rupert's upcoming Shakespeare debut, Enemy of Man, have been teasing all day and have finally revealed a brand new image of Rupert looking rather Knights of the Round Table. The image, in which Rupert's fiery hair shines through despite the dirt and blood, is now left. This is a still for the trailer so hoping to see that soon!

In other Enemy of Man news, an article was posted in the Mail on Sunday yesterday, showing the buzz that's already beginning on this film. Despite not playing the lead, the article was focused on Mr Sexy Redhead himself and can be seen in our galleries here. If the writing is too small, download or please note so in the comments.

In other Sunday articles, he was also featured in the Sunday Times magazine and we are currently looking for the full thing, which may prove difficult as the Times online is now a pay to view website. If you managed to catch the article and have quotes or scans, let us know!

For now we have the lovely image of Rupert in his flat right and some snippits  from the preview below:
For a full-on ginger, Rupert Grint has almost none of the fiery characteristics associated with the hair colour. He doesn’t get agitated or shout. Nothing seems to bother him. He speaks so quietly you have to lean right in to hear him. Even his laugh is polite. He is wearing a dark pink hoody over a T-shirt that says “Satan’s Waitin’ ” and loose, dark jeans. 

And still on the note of wonderful Rupert Sundays, he will appear on the Andrew Marr show next Sunday Morning on BBC 1 at 9am....can't say that's a hard thing to wake up for!

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