Sunday, November 18, 2012

UPDATE:FULL VIDEO:Daniel Radcliffe: Being Harry Potter on Sky Showcase

Finally got to see the new Potter documentary accompanying Sky Movies' Harry Potter Christmas season, Daniel Radcliffe: Being Harry Potter. Daniel, as always, talks candidly in it about his experiences and elaborates on the often told story of how he got the part, which is a little more than "I was at the theatre at a show called Stones in His Pocket...". Some clips we've seen, one or two i hadn't seen, primarily because I'm too poor to buy the Wizards Collection.
Either way, it's well worth a watch and I will continue looking for it for those outside of Ireland and the UK.
In the meantime, check out a picture I took of my tv left. More, and better ones will be up on the facebook soon.

THE FULL VIDEO is now available below:

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